The following professionals donated their services to the anthology. Please support them.

Editor: Tristi Pinkston

Cover Designer: James Curwen

Typesetter: Ben Crowder

The following authors contributed to the anthology:

Angie Lofthouse

Angie Lofthouse went to college with every intention of becoming a parti- cle physicist, but through a series of misadventures, found herself studying Shakespeare instead. After college she combined her love of science and her love of words into a science fiction writing career.

Her short stories have appeared in such publications as NFG, AlienSkin, Amazing Journeys, The Sword Review, Dragons, Knights and Angels, Irreantum, and Unparalleled Journeys. Her sci-fi adventure novel, Defenders of the Covenant, was released in 2012.

She lives in a little canyon in the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains with her family of writers, artists, singers, composers, illustrators and musicians.

Betsy Love

Betsy Love, author of Identity and Soulfire, lives in Gilbert, Arizona, where her biggest passion is writing, her best support is her wonderful husband, eight children and 14 grandchildren, and her worst vice is dark chocolate. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Ottawa University and now teaches high school theater and mentors other young writers. Betsy loves to hear from her readers. You can visit her at

Brian C Ricks

Brian Ricks is a PhD student at Brigham Young University studying computer science. Brian was the winner of the 2011 LDS Publisher Christmas Story Contest Editor’s Choice Award and his work appears in LDS Publisher’s 2009 Christmas Story Anthology: Stolen Christmas and Other Stories of the Season.

Brian has been recognized in numerous BYU writing competitions, including as winner of the 2010 English Department Portfolio Contest, second place in the 2009 Ann Doty Fiction Writing Contest, third place in the 2011 David O. McKay Essay Contest and subsequent publication in The Restored Gospel and Applied Christianity, honorable mention in the 2010 George H. Brimhall Memorial Essay Contest, and honorable mention in the 2010 Religious Education Student Symposium and subsequent publication in the symposium journal.

Brian also has the distinction of being married to the most beautiful woman in the world, whose inspiring short story also graces the pages of this anthology.

C. David Belt

C. David Belt was born in Evanston, WY. As a child, he lived and traveled ex- tensively around the Far East. He served as an LDS missionary in South Ko- rea and southern California (Korean-speaking). He graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a mi- nor in Aerospace Studies. He served as a B-52 pilot in the US Air Force and as an Air Weapons Controller in the Washington Air National Guard. When he is not writing, he sings in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and works as a software engineer. He collects swords (mostly Scottish), axes, spears, and other medieval weapons and armor. He and his wife have six children and live in Utah with an eclectus parrot named Mork (who likes to jump on the

keyboard when David is writing). C. David Belt is the author of The Chil-

dren of Lilith: Vol. 1 – The Unwilling, Vol. 2 – The Penitent, Vol. 3 – The Prophecy. 

 C. Michelle Jefferies

C. Michelle Jefferies practically grew up in a library. The oldest daughter of four, she spent hours devouring books with her mother. When she was ten, she realized that she wanted to write stories like the science fiction books she loved to read.  In high school, she met another writer that inspired her to write a novel instead of just short stories. She finished that 189 page handwritten novel the summer of her junior year.

A mother of seven, she put her writing on the back burner while she focused on raising her young children, and volunteering as a breastfeeding counselor in her community. When her children were old enough for her to spend a few hours on the computer, without them burning the house down, she returned to writing and hasn’t stopped since. Often writing or editing with a baby in her arms or under her feet.

Married to the guy her high school boyfriend introduced her to; she claims the last 15 + years as her education and mission experience. With a love for natural mothering, and a passion for secret agents and all things Asian she writes about bad boys turned good and romantic family life. All while beating herself up three times a week in Karate class as she works toward her black belt in Tang Soo Do.

You can find more about here at

Cheri Chesley

Cheri Chesley believes in miracles and the magic of books in everyday life. When not writing, she can be found reading the dictionary for fun or devouring any of the many books in her library. She lives with her husband and numerous children in Waurika, OK. Look for updates on her latest works at

Danyelle Ferguson

Danyelle Ferguson is a wife, mom, book editor, reviewer, and writer. She keeps busy raising four angels-in-training, the oldest of which has Autism. She and her husband, John, co-founded a non-profit organization, Friends of GIANT Steps, which raises money to supplement an Autism preschool. Danyelle has been active in the Autism community for over ten years, during which time she learned that prayer and a sense of humor are the keys to not only enduring but enjoying the special needs journey. Her book, (dis)Abilities and the Gospel, won the 2011 Bronze Quill Religious Book Award. You can find out more about Danyelle, her projects, or schedule speaking events on her blog: or her website: 

Daron D. Fraley

Daron Fraley was born in Powell, Wyoming, but doesn’t consider himself a cowboy. Living in France for a couple of years provided him the opportunity to hone his cooking skills and to become addicted to good food and chocolate. Apart from his loving family, teaching and writing are his two most favorite things in the world. A classic computer geek, he still likes to fish and camp, makes a mean apple or pumpkin pie from scratch, and once fixed a gas clothes dryer using photocopier parts. With all of his interests in music, art, the sciences, and religion (especially religion), he would have been quite comfortable living during the Renaissance. Having toured chilly castles while in France, he is glad he didn’t live during that time. Previously published works include: Thirty-Six, The Thorn, and Water and Other Stories.

Visit him at

J. Lloyd Morgan

Author J. Lloyd Morgan is an award-winning author and television director. He graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in communications and a minor in English. Morgan has lived all over the United States, but now resides in North Carolina with his wife and four daughters. Aside from writing, Morgan is an avid reader. He is the author of The Hidden Sun, The Waxing Moon, The Zealous Star, and The Mirror of the Soul. 

Visit him at

Janet Olsen

Janet Olsen graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from Utah State University. When not reading or writing, she attempts to keep her house clean, but with two kids, a part-time job, and who knows how many visitors, it’s a losing battle. With four completed novels ranging from inspirational to NASCAR, she looks forward to sharing several stories with the world in the coming years. You can contact her at or read her blog at

Jennifer Ricks

Jennifer Ricks is a wife, mother, writer, designer, and musician. In addition to her artistic pursuits, she enjoys engaging in all types of physical exercise, experimenting in the kitchen, and challenging her husband to board game tournaments. You can learn more about Jennifer’s writing and other creative projects at

Jordan McCollum

Jordan McCollum is an award-winning fiction author. She currently serves as the Education Director for Authors Incognito, an online writers’ community, coordinating and teaching classes for over 300 members. A graduate of Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, Jordan earned a Bachelor’s in American Studies and Linguistics with minors in Spanish and English. She has three kids, plays three instruments and knows three languages, and hopes to add more to all of those counts—eventually.

Jordan’s debut novel, tentatively titled Saints and Spies, is scheduled to be published by Covenant Communications.

Loretta Carter 

Loretta Carter lives in a small community called Hanging Dog in Murphy N.C. She worked in the business office of a hospital for 25 years. She has been married 47 years to her husband, Raby. They have three daughters and five grandchildren. Loretta started writing some poetry and short stories after she retired from the hospital.

Madonna Christensen

Madonna Dries Christensen lives in Sarasota, Florida. Three times nominat- ed for the Pushcart Prize, she pens a monthly column for Extra Innings magazine and contributes to Unique Me, a magazine focused on disabilities. Madonna’s stories have appeared in anthologies by Silver Boomer Books, and in last year’s Sing We Now Of Christmas. She’s the author of Swinging Sisters; Masquerade: The Swindler Who Conned J. Edgar Hoover; Dolls Remembered; Toys Remembered; and the memoir In Her Shoes: Step By Step.

Visit her at:

Marta O. Smith

Marta O. Smith began writing as a young child, shortly after she learned to read (two-line poems, her older sister claims), and has gone on to win several awards for her writing.  She is the co-editor of Values Stories for a Young Woman, a collection of true, faith-promoting stories for teenage girls.  Her blog is The Last Word, at  Marta also loves music, and each Christmas season turns her blog into a musical advent calendar.

Michael D. Young

Michael is a graduate of Brigham Young University with a degree in German Teaching and a minor in Music. He puts his German to good use teaching online German courses for high school students. Though he grew up trav- eling the world with his military father, he now lives in Utah with his wife, Jen, and his two sons. Michael enjoys acting in community theater, playing and writing music, and spending time with his family. He played for several years with the handbell choir Bells on Temple Square and is now a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

He is the author of the novels The Canticle Kingdom, The Canticle Prelude, and The Last Archangel. He is also the author of the inspirational pamphlet Portrait of a Mother, a contributor to the anthologies Parables for Today and Dark Stars, the co-author of Voices in Your Blood, and the author of several web serials through BigWorldNetwork. com. Sing We Now of Christmas, is also an anthology of short stories with the proceeds going to charity. He has had work featured in various online and print magazines.

You can visit him at

Peg Russell

A Victim Advocate volunteer for the Cherokee County NC Sheriff’s Department, Peg Russell heard first hand stories about Shop with a Cop.  Christmas in the little mountain town of Murphy begins with the downtown tree lighting, includes the Marine Corps League Toys for Tots collection and distribution, the Christmas parade, the Community Choir cantata, and ends with the New Year’s Eve Possum Drop in Brasstown.  All year long Murphy, where everyone is a storyteller and everyone loves stories, is the perfect setting for a writer.

Rebecca Carlson

Rebecca Lee Carlson was born on a corner in Winslow, AZ. to very young parents. After raising them, she married her sweetheart and raised six more children. Rebecca has loved reading and writing since a very young age. She lives in a self-filled library and hopes to add shelves full of her own books soon. She was nominated for Blogger of the year for her amazing blog at Rebecca currently works at an elementary school where even more children call her mom. Rebecca collects data from real life, personal experiences, and random thoughts of madness to create charming and winning stories to tell her children, her audience, her pets, and anyone else who will listen or read them. Always the positive thinking person, when asked if she can do something, her answer is always “Yes!” Then she figures out how to do it.

Ryan Larsen

Ryan Larsen, a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, is an avid musician and writer. You can find his most recent novel, Dawn Quealy: Tilting at Vending Machines, for sale at his website, and on He and his beautiful wife, Natalie, live in Taylorsville, Utah.

Shirley Bahlman

Shirley Bahlmann had published 20 books in the past 10 years, and has written several others that anxiously await publication. This stream of writing stems from her childhood when she wrote a 25-page novel at the tender age of 10. Wife of Bob, mother of 6 sons, Shirley is the 4th of 8 siblings, with her youngest, Carolyn, born with Down Syndrome. Shirley feels privileged to be able to contribute to this collection of stories for the benefit of these very special and loving people.

Taking part in this book to help with Autism research is a privilege, as Shir- ley Bahlmann has learned to love a little boy with severe autism through providing respite care for him. She’s also an eclectic author who enjoys writ- ing everything from historical fiction to how-to and how-not-to books. You

can satisfy your reading curiosity at her website: http://shirleybahlmann. or

Susan Law Corpany

Susan Law Corpany is the author of five novels and three collections of essays. Her latest novel, Lucky Change, was a finalist for a Whitney Award. She writes a column for Meridian online magazine called “A Beacon Light” and is a regular presenter at the BYU-Hawaii Women’s Conference and Education Week.

Susan grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah, and currently lives on the Big Island of Hawaii with her husband, Thom. In her spare time, she manages the family vacation rental home on historic Kealakekua Bay.  Between them, they are the parents of six children and add new above-average adorable grandchildren on a regular basis. She loves to travel and see the world and loves to stay home and enjoy the paradise in which she lives.

Susan Dayley

Susan Dayley is the author of Redemption, the story of Jonah, and has two books (romantic mystery / romantic suspense) scheduled for release in 2013. She is a teacher at a private school, enjoys hiking, reading, trying new recipes, being a grandma and blogs regularly at

Teresa G. Osgood

Teresa G. Osgood frequently finds herself lost in dictionaries and other good books. She enjoys gardening, crocheting, music, and running up and down the hilly streets of Western Washington. She is a decent alto in a choir, but no one asks her to sing solos. Visit her at

Theric Jepson

Theric Jepson ( is also the author of Byuck, and you can learn more about him at He lives with his wife and three

sons in El Cerrito, California, right next to Albany, California, where lives Al- abama-native Tyrah West. Special thanks to Tyrah for helping Theric uncov- er his inner Southerner. And for revealing that Alabama grandparents ain’t that different from Idaho grandparents.


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